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I meet my clients where they are, hear their struggles without judgement and construct solutions to achieve their desired goals.

My programs specialize in using techniques that build mental strength and positive endurance by releasing emotional baggage and balancing the body from any situation and circumstance to achieve desired goals.

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Emotional & Energy Healing Sessions

Are you in chronic pain and discomfort?
Are you lacking financial abundance?
Do you struggle with addiction or an addict in you life?
Have you watched every motivational youtube video and still fell short feeling frustrated?
Are you frustrated in your relationships and DO NOT feel heard, supported and loved?
Have you pushed away and annoyed friends and family members because you have never followed through on your commitment and now feel lost and alone?

NEVER ever EVER give up! Every step of the journey is the journey, every up, every down and every Uturn is a lesson! Turn your PAIN into PASSION flourishing your life and journeys PURPOSE. MAKE YOUR DREAMS....REALity!

Amanda Danielle
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I will help you get to the core of your mindset to change your story! After digging up your old roots and releasing what has been keeping you stuck, we uncover and re-create current life values for the here and now!

You will become at peace with the past, comfortable in your PRESENT and EXCITED for your future!

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Start achieving your GOALS NOW!

What Kelly G. says →

"Amanda is a beautiful soul and has a great gift to help others be there best. She has been a great coach and mentor and really helped my growth both personally and in business."

What Others Say

"I met Amanda at a networking event and was blown away by her enthusiasm, energy and attitude. Being able to work with her is a privilege!!"
Christian R.
"So I met this awesome young lady about 4 months ago and it's really helped me take my game to another level. We always think we know so much, until we reach out to another individual that has already done so much of what you are aiming to do. The wisdom that I've gotten from her over these past 4 months is irreplaceable. If you're looking to push yourself to another level of success in life, you need to link up with Amanda! You won't regret it."
Brian Street
Brian A. Street
"Amanda Danielle is the real deal. As most of you know I have PTSD and she has honestly helped me more than 4 years of VA counselling. GOD knows who we need to meet, right when we need to meet them. It is crazy how our souls are so similar!"

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