Intense Fear to Overcome

5 intense Fears to overcome right now!

The more aware I get, the more aware I have gotten off my energy.
Are you living an emotionally bankrupt life?
You don’t want to live with a bank account in bankruptcy, right??
Stop allowing people to suck the life out of you, leaving you emotionally bankrupt!!

The gut/ intuition feeling when you’re around someone who isn’t good for you? Do you know that feeling? That “something is off, but I don’t quite know what” feeling? Trust it. Your subconscious mind processes information much faster than your conscious mind does. It’s the reason you vibe so well immediately with some and not so much with others. Your brain knows who is good for you and who isn’t way before your heart does.

So in case, you needed to be reminded of this or maybe never discussed before, you aren’t a bad person or wrong for putting up boundaries from those who weren’t meant to be in your energy space. Indeed You must first heal yourself! You get the say who is surrounding you and taking up space and no longer serves your journey at this time. There is no room to feel guilty or ashamed for this necessity, And it’s not only healthy to set some up, but it’s also necessary. These boundaries aren’t for them—they are for you. Your energy. Your heart. Your vibe. Your vision. Your mission. And most importantly, your peace to set yourself and your intention to heal! When we heal the past, we become present!

Allowing space for your Energy

I don’t allow space for my energy; those who don’t love me for me. Do you? And I don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve an ounce of my time or my heart. It is not selfish; it is self-respect. Indeed we don’t know when our time clock is upon this planet, so why waste a minute of unnecessariness!

 I’m choosing people who have the same values as me. The same morals. The same interests and relatable joyful intentions. 

  • People who I never have to question where we stand as the level of awareness brings a whole different scope of maturity and clarity! 
  • People who confidently rise up and not stay intimidated or jealous! 
  • People who emotionally deposit are not continually emotional withdrawing from my energy! No room for bankruptcy in my energy

Energy is in balance with the abundance surrounding you by releasing fear!

Energy in Balance by Releasing Fear

Allow yourself to set the boundaries, courageously eliminate the chaos and have your inner light shine and sparkly more brightly as your energy is in balance with the abundance surrounding you by releasing fear!

  1. Fear of Judgement
  2. Fear of Loss/Death
  3. Fear of Hurt
  4. Fear of Failure
  5. Fear of Truth

When someone lives in fear, they already have lost faith! If your mind is interrupted by fear, faith will never 100 percent be clearly in focus! You may often hear or believe being 99.9%, or even 80%, would be ok. I know for sure in my life I wouldn’t be happy if the choice of transportation only worked 90% or 99.9% of the time.

Doubt is the sister to fear, which creates the movement to all 5 fears listed, and as you and I both know, the list is way longer than 5.

When we bounce back and forth between a fear mindset and a faith mindset, we are using twice as much energy as being able to stay in the energy of faith alone. If you were to use a battery hooked up to twice as many devices, how long would they last? Why would your mind, body and soul be any different?

Is it time to re-evaluate your current situation?
What better time than the here and now?

Let’s recharge, re-evaluate and refocus our fears into faith!

Who is emotionally draining your energy? Who is allowing you to recharge?
Who is emotionally bankrupting your energy? Who is making daily deposits?
Who is running around on an empty tank? Who is taking the time to find peace and mediation?

“When living in fear the focus is always on someone or something else!”

Have you ever been introduced to shifting your energy? Not only will your physical, emotional energy be shifted, however so will your mindset, physical body and deep to the core soul!

If you have just like any tool in the toolbox, blow the dust off and start using it! If you have not, I would be glad to connect and introduce you to tools to shift your energy, life, and overall success!

What’s holding you hostage in fear?

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