Suffering from Past and Painful Experiences

Stop Suffering from The Pain and Painful Experiences of Your Past!

Are you suffering from your past and painful experiences? Are you wondering what is KEEPING you stuck in an uncomfortable pattern or place in your life?

Does it feel like the same situations keep happening, or you feel like you have a breakthrough only to find out something else has happened, and you say to yourself, WHY ME?? AGAIN!

Learning to be here and now with respect, confidence and individuality is not acquired overnight, nor is learning the lessons we genuinely need to overcome!

We humans must learn to acknowledge our own withholds! Sweeping it into the avoidance rug will never create success!

Resentment of the past or past experiences

Living in the present moment because of the resentment of the past or past experiences, we let ourselves STAY stuck, living in fear.

When I say “past,” this could mean 15 mins ago, or on the last phone call; I don’t always mean being days, months or even years.

However, some people are still stuck in situations from years and years ago and are punishing themselves or another individual for something or the version of the individuals that don’t even exist. HOW TOXIC! Stop and think for a moment. Are you the same person you were days, even months or years ago? ABSOLUTELY NOT, so why would the person that you hold resentment over be?

Often I hear people still complaining about an individual that ten years ago, for example, did something hurtful or disrespectful.

If you are that person

  1. Have you confronted the situation respectfully since, or are you using it only as a weapon when you are in an outraged moment over something else?
  2. What have you learnt about the situation and how holding onto it becomes a comparison every time to that individual or someone alike.

Why do you hold yourself, hostage to the situation?

Why are you allowing someone else to be in the driver’s seat of your joy and inner peace?

It is time, my friend, to get back in your driver’s seat and let go of the situations that are twisting your joy!
Is it going to be easy? No, a painful condition takes vulnerability; however, you rob yourself of your FULL potential, happiness and inner peace!

How do you start this process of expanding into a joyful life instead of being stuck in the past?

Embrace and be grateful for the present moment you are living in.
Release let go and find forgiveness FIRST WITH YOURSELF!
Admit & Acknowledge the situation, discover Hope over Doubt, Vulnerability over Fear, Joy Over Worry!

Tap into your inner potential rather than feeding fear into being & staying stuck. Let go of the critics in your head from something that holds power. Let go of the 1992 version of the person that hurt your heart. They do not deserve to continue to rob you of your abundance!

Doubt pulls us back ~ Hope pushes us forward, not allowing us to live in the PRESENT.

So when you say “I doubt …” you are going back in time! “I doubt that person even cares.”
When you say “I hope …” you are living in the future expectations. “I hope they let me get financed.”
Think about this last year and pandemic. THE UNKNOWN and negativity have taken over so many not embracing and being present in the here and now. Focusing on the negative will always create darkness. What we think about we bring about what we focus on increases!

Mentally Suffering in Pandemic

When we become aware of what, who, and where our energy takes a plunge, we can limit time spent there and become more present!

We can not change anyone other than ourselves until we take our own lives and situations into our own hands and get into the driver’s seat to our success! It doesn’t mean we must be ignorant human beings, point fingers of blame or criticize other individuals’ choices. It is ok to remove yourself from situations that do not align with you.

Acknowledge what is causing your energy to shift

It means to become present, acknowledge what is causing your energy to shift and where you focus when you feel stuck. Anxiety, worry, doubt and fear thrive on negativity and keep you suffering!

If we focus on the present and what we do have control of, the positive percentage will always increase.
Focusing on
What brings you joy?
What brings you positive creativity?
What and who brings you a higher energy vibration that is enjoyable?
What do you learn from the situation and circumstances?
What are you doing to release the conscious and subconscious mind that is holding toxicity?

Until Next Time!
Take a deep dive into your situation or connect with me for a free discovery call. You may just be surprised how you begin to Discover Your Inner Peace!

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