Lethbridge Emotional & Energy Healing

You can not get the outside right if you don't heal the inside. Its ALL about the INNER PEACE!

Have you ever tried a diet our what seems to be EVERY FAD that you ever seen and NEVER get results?
Have you ever gone into a relationship and some how attracted the same experiences?
Frustrated Upset Couple After Quarrel Sitting Sofa Home
Amanda Danielle

Well I have news for you!

When you heal the inside and release emotional baggage you will see remarkable results on the outside balancing all areas of LIFE. Literally start dropping weight and inches, rid pain, frustrations, let alone stress and become more ABUNDANT!

What most people don’t understand is the psychology consciously and subconsciously is what keeps us stuck or held back not only mentally yet physically, emotionally, spiritually & financially.


IS it time to release the emotional baggage that is holding you back from your success with Amanda’s Lethbridge Emotional & Energy Healing Process!

Emotional Healing & Mindset Mentoring

Emotional Healing & Mindset Mentoring in Lethbridge is learning to understand and let of go the trash talk in your mind. The critical voice that tells you that you are not good enough, or lacking in some way.

The noise that keeps you in a place of distress, or keeps you feeling like you are spinning your tires yet not moving.

I dig to the roots using many tools, education and life experiences replacing all the junk with positive bringing awareness that everything truly is a lessons of life we learn from!


We all have a journey, we all have a past and a story, however that does not need to hold you hostage and be the repeating cycle of the future!

Denise R

Amanda is full of energy, love and sass. She has a huge heart and doesn’t hesitate to say what she is thinking. Her authenticity is her greatest gift. She is real, gritty and determined to make a difference with every person she connects with.

She is a magnet for those who have struggled with addictions and is able to guide them on a new path. This girl is gifted in so many ways and is shining her light as a beacon to all who are hurting. She can help!

We have had the opportunity to coach with Amanda and have seen the amazing results and clarity that those she focuses on achieve!

If you are drawn to work with Amanda, we are confident that you are in good hands and will be mentored with honesty and passion.

Denise R.

This amazing soul did some major spiritual work on me and opened my eyes to so many Buried things I was unaware of . She showed me a future I could never imagine and tapped into my deepest desires.

Amanda you are a gift to the World! Thank you for showing me what you did and having a heart of gold with raw honesty.

Tiffany M.

Tiffany M.
Charmaine D.

One day I decided to try something that could be totally amazing and life changing and it was offered by Amanda. Walking away from my Access Bars session I felt like a feather and amazing.

I had no idea walking away from that session it would change my life, but it did. It totally opened me up to the possibilities and more. Always grateful for you Amanda and that life changing event.

This woman is an amazing soul, with a huge heart and her energy is positive, up lifting and crazy fun. See what she can help you find inside yourself.

Charmaine D.