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CLARITY as to why the continued patterns keep showing up and how to FINALLY LET THEM GO! After digging up your old roots and releasing what has been keeping you stuck, we uncover and re-create current life values for the here and now
SOLUTIONS to keep momentum and positivity for the success you desire!
Amanda Danielle
I find a personal connection with my clients which is unique and authentic! Each program is customized to accommodate each individual as they progress at their own pace. No matter what your age, race, religion or background, personal growth & development is an ongoing AMAZING process!
Individual or Group Coaching ~ Emotional & Energy Release Sessions & Guest Speaking Available

Mind, Body & Soul Balance

Energy Awareness Protection & Detection

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Let's hear what they all have to say about Amanda

Amanda helped me get through the toughest parts of my separation/divorce. She made me better mentally and was there all through my physical journey of losing 55 pounds in a year and being proud of me and in return I felt so good and found my inner strength. She is an asset to anyone that wants to change their life for the better and has an ear for all with no judgement, just friendly, encouraging advice and a helping hand. Love this girl!!


I really enjoyed your class. It taught me that there are so many people out there (including me) that need to release bottled up emotions or negative thoughts and receive new ones! Many times these seemingly small things are ignored, when addressed they cause large changes. Thank You for getting me to a better palace!


I had the privilege to be a part of a 4 night group session that Amanda was the guest speaker at. It was crazy being in a room full of people (via Zoom) and I felt as though she was speaking only to me. Her insight, honesty, truths, no nonsense, straight shooting, zero judgement conversations, were a breath of fresh air. She created such a connection that I couldn't wait for the following evenings! If ever given the opportunity to be a part of her speaking events, don't hesitate! You'll find yourself wanting more.

Diane P

Miss Amanda is truly my lifesaver! She took me at one of my lowest points with love, and sometimes hard love, and is helping me break out of the shell of self degradation and into a flourishing greatness. Every time I hear her speak I am left with new TRUTHS about who I really am....a CHAMPION!!! She will walk with you through your highs and lows and celebrate YOU!


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